Polaroid Diaries - Tracking Record

"Dear Diary -

polka dots
and spots...lots
and lots...
what are the thoughts
that invade
your field of vision...
encased deep
within the cocoon...
of your hoodie
(it's warm
in there)...



"Mike and Spots"

Originally, "Mike and Spots" was taken on Friday, May 25, 2007 at 12:00 AM. Since then this diary snapshot has had confirmed sightings at the locations listed below. Sightings are listed in the order that they were reported...



  • Received Saturday, October 04, 2008...(US Eastern Time)
  • Where the Snap was found:

    "on the side of the celtic club in latrobe st city"

Finder's Diary entry and/or plans for the Snap:

"i was on my way to work and looked down and saw the snap.. i picked it up being a photorapher i was very curious!! i plan to put this some where very weird!"