Polaroid Diaries - Tracking Record

"Dear Diary - the sun plays with the reflections on the rippling surface of the water and illuminates the form of her arm. There is an exquisite balance between the gentle, cooling of the water and the warming caress of the sun's heat.

Both seem to undulate in a gentle harmony that smooths against her skin and creates an osmotic give and take - the balance of perfection held in that place between two extremes of simple pleasure...



"Her Arm, Cooling - Rotthest Island"

Originally, "Her Arm, Cooling - Rotthest Island" was taken on Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 12:00 AM. Since then this diary snapshot has had confirmed sightings at the locations listed below. Sightings are listed in the order that they were reported...



  • Received Thursday, April 09, 2009...(US Eastern Time)
  • Where the Snap was found:

    "La Luna Restaurant, Carlton, Melbourne. Found sometime last year, can't remember exact date sorry."

Finder's Diary entry and/or plans for the Snap:

"I suppose we should set it adrift, now that we've reported it. It's a lovely little pic. A glimpse of a wonderfully daydreamy moment, the type you lose yourself in when you're that special kind of relaxed. "