Polaroid Diaries - Tracking Record

"Dear Diary - the view from my bathroom window is not that clear, but their is a certain beauty about it that this old camera loves..."



"Mottled Glass"

Originally, "Mottled Glass" was taken on Wednesday, November 15, 2006 at 12:00 AM. Since then this diary snapshot has had confirmed sightings at the locations listed below. Sightings are listed in the order that they were reported...



  • Received Saturday, November 25, 2006...(US Eastern Time)
  • Where the Snap was found:

    "ACCA, in the viewing booth for Trauma, of the Gillian Wearing exhibition, which ends 3rd December for those yet to experience it."

Finder's Diary entry and/or plans for the Snap:

"Commonly, the invigilators working in the gallery space, find the snaps and they are taped into our shared workbook for all to admire....as always such random findings are a wonderful delight and continue to inspire."