Polaroid Diaries - Tracking Record

"Dear Diary - Here's the second of four mandarin shots using just the light from the dishwasher…just experimenting"



"Mandarin in Dishwasher 2"

Originally, "Mandarin in Dishwasher 2" was taken on Sunday, August 08, 2004 at 10:42 PM. Since then this diary snapshot has had confirmed sightings at the locations listed below. Sightings are listed in the order that they were reported...



  • Received Monday, August 16, 2004...(US Eastern Time)
  • Where the Snap was found:

    "Found in Federation Square Melbourne at lunch time on Monday the 16th of August. It was wedged between a wall and a window sil ... we're planning on leaving it somewhere over the otherside of Melbourne. Great Idea ... We'll be watching."

Finder's Diary entry and/or plans for the Snap: